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Here at Taypikala Hotels, we’d like to be there for your most special days. With this goal in mind, one of our hotel complexes, the strong>Hotel Deluxe Valle Sagrado, is equipped with spaces that are ideal for you to celebrate unforgettable occasions. Imagine welcoming your guests in a location straight out of a dream, with a team of professionals by your side and fully equipped facilities!

We have a wedding hall, a yoga room, and a lounge bar. You can find out a little more about these spaces. Remember that it’s the small details that truly make the difference for a fantastic stay. This is the result of so many years of working towards getting to know our guests better.


A couple’s most special day is when they say their vows and commit to each other forever. All you need to do is bring the love that’s grown over so many years, and let us take care of everything else. From preparing the facilities up to your guests’ accommodation, you can count on us for every detail. We guarantee that the experience will be unforgettable, especially for you.

Yoga room

Can you imagine enjoying a yoga session in a community dominated by nature? This age-old art form pursues a connection with the environment through the body. Consider practicing it at our hotels, as we have a room equipped with all the necessary material. Try out this experience and test your limits!

Lounge Bar

Evenings feel different when you’re enjoying a drink in our lounge bar at sunset. Gazing out towards a Peruvian sunset is one of the memories that stick with our guests. Without a doubt, the way it’s built into the landscape will make time fly by. A space designed for leisure, relaxation, and pleasure!